A Doll’s House (A Rumah Boneka)

A DOLL’S HOUSE (A RUMAH BONEKA) Production year 2011 The Tale of A desperate House Wife Last Wednesday, the cast and crew of the play “Rumah Boneka” (“A Doll’s House”) filled the auditorium at the National Gallery in Central Jakarta, where they have been rehearsing intensively for the past two months. Working on a set […]

Nyai Ontosoroh

Written by scriptwriter/producer Faiza Mardzoeki, Nyai Ontosoroh is an adaptation of Bumi Manusia (This Earth of Mankind), a novel by renowned author Pramoedya Ananta Toer. From The Jakarta Post  ‘Nyai Ontosoroh’ to be staged in Jakarta Kurniawan Hari, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Life | Sun, August 12 2007, 1:03 PM – After […]

Nyanyi Sunyi Kembang-Kembang Genjer

Nyanyi Sunyi Kembang-Kembang Genjer Silent Song of The Genjer Flowers (Faiza Mardzoeki, 2014) Jakarta (Antara News) – Ungu Institute, a womens art and cultural organization based in Jakarta, will perform “Nyanyi Sunyi Kembang-kembang Genjer” (The Silent Song of Velvetleafs Flowers) as part of the Women International Day 2014 celebrations. Nyanyi Sunyi Kembang-kembang Genjers (NSKG) Producer […]

A Monologue Theatre Performance “Women Seize The Night”

A MONOLOGUE THEATRE PERFORMANCE “PEREMPUAN MENUNTUT MALAM” (WOMEN SEIZE THE NIGHT) JAKARTA–BANDA ACEH–BANDUNG On the occasion of International Women’s Day March 2008 [tabs type=”horizontal”][tabs_head][tab_title]Intro[/tab_title][tab_title]Behind The Stage[/tab_title][/tabs_head][tab][/tab][tab] Concept Violence against women continues. Violence is always close to all women, of all classes, from the poor, middle class to the upper class. Violence against women occurs in […]

A play: They Call Me Nyai Ontosoroh

The Battle of a Netherlands Indies Nyai at the end of the 19 century Playscript by Faiza Mardzoeki Directed by Wawan Sofwan Actors Verani M. van Driel, Willem Bevers, Puspita Hadiati, Wawan Hermawan Artistic Director: Deden Bulqini, Film and Video art Director: Ariani Darmawan, Music Director: Patrick Shaw Iversen, Make up and Costume: Irina Dayasih […]

A Play Women At Point Zero

About A Play Women At Point Zero – Perempuan Di Titik Nol  Base from a novel by Egyptian feminist writer Nawal El Saadawi Faiza Mardzoeki The production of “Women at Point Zero” in 2002 was a different experience. I proposed the idea that the well-known novel of the Egyptian feminist, Nawal El Saadawi, be produced […]